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Brewing Better Gluten-Free Beer with Nexus Ingredients' MillMalt®

Brewing Better Gluten-Free Beer with Nexus Ingredients’ MillMalt®

The demand for gluten-free beer has increased in recent years due to a growing number of people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. However, creating a gluten-free beer with the same taste and quality as regular beer is a challenging task. That’s where Nexus Ingredients’ MillMalt® comes into play. MillMalt® is a gluten-free malt extract …

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CapMoist: The Natural Humectant That’s Changing the Food Industry

In recent years, the food industry has witnessed a significant shift towards natural ingredients and clean label products. With consumers becoming more conscious of what they eat and how it affects their health, food manufacturers are constantly looking for innovative ways to meet their demands. One area that has been of particular interest to the …

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Keeping Food Fresher with Natural Humectant Capmoist

With complex supply chains and a new era of consumption behavior, it has never been so important to ensure your product remains fresher and intact for longer. There is nothing more disappointing than having a beautifully crafted product, that is perfect on production, yet during its shelf life it turns hard, crumbles or falls apart …

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