Ice Cream

Nexus Ingredient’s technological functional ingredients, including various natural stabilzers, emulsifiers, thickener, humectants and sugar replacers, are expertly designed to enhance mouthfeel and viscosity while maintaining the creamy consistency essential to high-quality ice cream. 

Multi-functional Flaxseed Fibre


FlaxSmooth®'s Role in Ice Cream


Ice cream, traditionally seen as a treat filled with sugars and artificial ingredients, is now evolving towards clean label offerings due to consumer demand for more natural and understandable ingredients. Manufacturers are finding ways to create ice cream that maintains its indulgent quality while being made with fewer, simpler ingredients. These clean label ice creams do not use artificial flavors, emulsifiers, or other synthetic additives, and they emphasize natural alternatives to provide the same creamy texture and rich taste that consumers expect.

Vegetable Fibre As Natural Emulsifier/Stablizer/Thickener


Unifier®'s Role in Ice Cream


Unifier® natural emulsifier and stabilizer is instrumental for manufacturers aiming to produce clean label ice cream. This proprietary blend of clean label vegetable fibers effectively eliminates the need for artificial emulsifiers and gums. Unifier® works by ensuring the fat content in the ice cream mix is finely dispersed, preventing the development of a "buttery" texture and promoting a smooth, creamy consistency. Additionally, it stabilizes the water/ice content, reducing ice crystal formation and maintaining the desired texture and mouthfeel. By integrating Unifier®, manufacturers can create high-quality ice cream with clean label attributes, meeting consumer demands for natural, sustainable ingredients without compromising on taste or texture .

Binder/Humectant/Sugar Replacer


CapMoist® Sugar Free's Role in Ice Cream


CapMoist® Sugar Free, derived exclusively from natural cassava roots, enables the production of reduced-sugar ice cream without compromising on the creamy texture that consumers love. This non-sweet component serves as an effective substitute for traditional syrups and sugars, offering binding and moisture-retaining properties while ensuring a smooth texture and resistance to thermal variations. By substituting 30%, 50%, or even 100% of sugar with CapMoist® Sugar Free, manufacturers can maintain the freezing point of the ice cream, ensuring it remains creamy even at sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, its labeling as tapioca (cassava) enhances its appeal to consumers seeking clean-label ice cream.

Sugar/Sweetener Reducer


MoistPlus®'s Role in Ice Cream

MoistPlus® serves as an integral component in the production of clean label ice cream by enhancing the texture and stability of the final product. Its superior humectancy not only helps in controlling moisture and reducing sugar content but also plays a crucial role in minimizing ice crystal formation. This attribute is essential for preventing freezer burn and maintaining a smooth texture, which is highly valued in premium ice cream products. Additionally, MoistPlus® contributes to better thermal shock resistance, ensuring that ice cream retains its desirable creamy texture and body even after temperature fluctuations. This multifunctional ingredient supports ice cream manufacturers in creating a product that not only appeals to health-conscious consumers but also delivers on taste and quality.

Sugar Replacer For Ice Cream


Allulose's Role in Ice Cream

Allulose offers ice cream manufacturers a solution for creating clean label products without compromising taste or texture. As a sugar replacer, allulose has just 10% of the calories of traditional sugar and does not impact blood glucose or insulin levels, making it an ideal choice for consumers looking for healthier dessert options. Its unique properties allow it to mimic the functional characteristics of sugar, providing essential bulk and a pleasing mouthfeel. Additionally, allulose enhances freeze-thaw stability, helping to maintain smoothness and prevent ice crystal formation in ice cream. This makes it particularly effective for formulating indulgent, low-fat ice creams that meet the growing demand for products with reduced sugar content but full flavor and texture.

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