All about Natural Functional Food Ingredients

Nexus Ingredient is built on a commitment to research, innovate & supply natural, sustainable, hypoallergenic & gluten free ingredients, that are superior in performance & nutrition.       

For decades, food manufacturers have had very limited natural alternatives to synthetically derived food additives. Chemically treated food additives are now facing significant backlash from consumers and retail outlet brands. It is now well established that this consumer pressure is not a trend and cannot be ignored any longer.

In this new era, the importance of naturally derived and processed ingredients that not only meet consumer preferences, but also meet the functional performance criteria of formulators, whilst making economic sense, is the greatest challenge the food industry has faced.   

Nexus Ingredient thrives on this challenge! It is this very challenge and ideology that drives the Nexus Ingredient team and is the founding philosophy behind every ingredient, every innovation and every activity.

The main modern day challenges all formulators face is our main focus:

  • Shelf-life Extension, Water Activity, Microbial control
  • Moisture, Texture, Body & Softness
  • Sugar & Calorie Reduction    
  • Flavour & Sweetness
  • Machinability & Yields   

Solving these issues naturally, whilst increasing the nutrition of your product is what we do.

Why have we chosen this tough road you ask?

The Beginnings

Our founders at Nexus Ingredient had life influences that forged a path to Nexus and beyond. “We have spent our entire life experiencing all aspects of the food industry from baking at a young age to fine dining to the organic industry, to food technology, manufacturing & sustainability sciences, to distribution & marketing”.  “We have also seen firsthand the tragedy of cancers, allergies & obesity”. It is an extreme passion for natural uncorrupted food combined with our dedication to health & nutrition that forged the Nexus Team on a Clean Label Quest.  

The Clean Label Quest

The Nexus Ingredient team travels the world sourcing and appraising every raw material, every partner, every processing plant and analysing sustainable supply chains. All entities are accredited, audited and transparent.

Clean label ingredient technology is the absolute key to our success. Nexus Ingredient have fortunately been blessed with leading clean label food technologists and product developers.

Nexus Ingredient just doesn’t follow new food trends, we reinvent them, innovating further.

Custom Solutions

At Nexus Ingredient, we understand that manufacturers and brands desire to be different and at times have unique product or ingredient requirements that require changes. Our customers are always very surprised to experience the level of flexibility and scope of our technologies we offer to meet their needs. Maintaining ingredient performance, whilst adjusting ingredient characteristics is a level of customization that most ingredient companies just won’t offer.  

Our tenacity to perfection and progress will help drive your competitive advantage.

The Natural Functional Products

Our efforts for creating organic, all-natural, clean label technological ingredients are ongoing. Each functional ingredient takes pain staking years of research & development to master. Very few companies have our level of focus and determination to achieve perfection and then to drive it further and further.


CAPMOIST is a natural humectant that control moisture migration and water activity. It is a very effective anti-microbial agent used to increase the shelf life and has a broad application range. CAPMOIST is available in both syrup and powder forms, depending on your application we can recommend effective dosages and grades. CAPMOIST syrup is an impressive ingredient that is also used to keep baked goods fresher for longer, improve texture & flavour, binder, machinability, increased yields and a natural colourant. CAPMOIST powder is mostly used in flat breads and smallgoods, however can be also very effective in confectionary.      


FIBERWORKS is a natural soluble fiber range which is offered as a dietary fiber or prebiotic fiber. FIBERWORKS is available in both syrup and powder, both have corn or tapioca grades on offer. FIBERWORKS is also available in organic grades. Soluble Corn Fiber and Soluble Tapioca Fiber are now extremely popular ingredients that allow sugar and/or fat replacement in your formulations, whilst increasing the fiber, stomach health and general nutrition in your product. The FIBERWORKS range can be used in all food & beverage applications.   


METASWEET syrup is an all-natural wholegrain based sweetener that is gluten free, fructose free, fruit free and refined sugar free. METASWEET is a nutritive and healthy low GI sweetener that is made from wholegrain oats and brown rice. METASWEET has a wholesome malt flavour perfect for baked goods, breads, snack bars and beverage. METASWEET is the perfect replacement for barley malts, refined sugars, honey and so on. Available in light to dark colour and low to high DE values available.


FLAXSMOOTH is a soluble fiber powder made from 100% flaxseed (linseed), which means it is rich in prebiotic fiber and an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. FLAXSMOOTH is a natural substitute to synthetically derived stabilizers like guar gum and xanthan gum. This means by using FLAXSOOTH you can remove the gums and the E-numbers. FLAXSMOOTH is 100% soluble and a great water-binding ingredient that is perfect for flat breads, baked goods, ice cream and beverages.


UNIFIER is a natural emulsifier/stabilizer blend, made from 100% natural vegetable fibers. UNIFER can be used for both hot/cold process applications. UNIFIER is a product range in its own right. Therefore, we can uniquely formulate UNIFIER to suit your customization requests, or formulators can directly use our standard blends. UNIFIER is 100% Clean Label and the perfect substitute to E-Number stabilizers and emulsifiers such as CMC, guar, LBG, xanthan, carrageenan, Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. UNIFIER is not a weak substitute, it is a high performer and very effective across the board.


CITRUSMART is naturally produced from 100% citrus fiber, it is a powerful binding agent, fat replacer, thickener and emulsifier with a broad range of applications such as smallgoods, baked goods, snacks, bars, beverages, ice cream, dairy products, sauces, bread and so on……

CITRUSMART can also control water activity and moisture in baked goods, snacks and bread.


At NEXUS INGREDIENT our promise is to always keep it CLEAN, SAFE, HEALTHY & NUTRIOUS. We will continue in innovating and working with likeminded partners to meet this new world of food ingredients head on.

All about Natural Functional Food Ingredients

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