Gluten Free Brewing

MillMalt® transforms gluten-free brewing by offering a gluten-free malt extract from white grain sorghum. This extract replicates the essential properties of barley malt, providing fermentable sugars, enzymes, and flavor compounds. MillMalt® ensures the desired body, mouthfeel, and taste in gluten-free beers, meeting the demand for quality gluten-free products without compromising flavor or texture.


Gluten Free Rich Malt Syrup

MillMalt®'s Role in Gluten Free Brewing
MillMalt® enables gluten-free brewing by providing a high-quality, gluten-free malt extract derived from white grain sorghum. This innovative ingredient replicates the functional properties of traditional barley malt, crucial for the brewing process. MillMalt® offers fermentable sugars, essential enzymes, and flavor compounds necessary for producing beer, ensuring the desired body, mouthfeel, and taste profiles without gluten. By using MillMalt®, breweries can maintain the efficiency of fermentation and the quality of the final product, meeting the rising demand for gluten-free beers that do not compromise on flavor or texture. This enables brewers to craft beers that cater to celiac consumers and those opting for gluten-free diets, while still delivering a superior and enjoyable beer experience .

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