Beverages, Yoghurt & Premixes

Nexus Ingredient’s Unifier®, FlaxSmooth®, and FiberWorks® significantly enhance beverages, yoghurt, and premixes. Unifier® acts as a natural emulsifier and stabilizer, ensuring consistent texture and preventing separation. FlaxSmooth® enriches products with Omega-3 fatty acids and prebiotic benefits, improving nutritional profiles. FiberWorks® replaces sugar, offering superior binding and texture, ensuring small goods remain moist and tender. These ingredients work together to create high-quality, nutritious, and stable food products.

Vegetable Fibre As Natural Emulsifier/Stablizer/Thickener


Unifier®'s Role in Beverages, Yoghurt & Premixes.

Unifier® range plays a crucial role in the creation of high-quality beverages, yoghurt, and premixes. Unifier® functions as an exceptional natural emulsifier and stabilizer, which ensures a uniform distribution of ingredients and prevents separation. This is vital in beverages and yoghurt, where consistency in texture and appearance is key to consumer acceptance. Additionally, Unifier® enhances the mouthfeel and stability of products by maintaining the balance between water and oil phases, leading to improved product shelf life. In premixes, Unifier® facilitates the integration of diverse ingredients, ensuring that the final product maintains its intended characteristics, such as flavor, texture, and nutritional profile. Overall, Unifier® supports the production of superior, stable, and appealing food products that meet both consumer expectations and industry standards.

Multi-functional Flaxseed Fibre as a Natural Stabilizer

FlaxSmooth®'s Role in Beverages, Yoghurt and Premixes.

FlaxSmooth® acts as a natural thickening agent and stabilizer, exhibiting high water binding capacity along with emulsifying properties, making it ideal for stabilizing water-in-oil emulsions. This plant-based fiber replaces synthetic gums, stabilizers, and emulsifiers, enhancing the texture, water-fat binding, and cohesiveness of various food products. Its versatility makes it a significant ingredient for improving beverages, yoghurt, and premixes, ensuring a stable and consistent product quality.

Resistant Dextrin Soluble Fiber


FiberWorks®'s Role in Beverages, Yoghurt & Premixes.

FiberWorks® is an essential component for creating superior beverages, yoghurt, and premixes. As a resistant dextrin, FiberWorks® offers exceptional water-binding capacity, enhancing the texture and consistency of products. In beverages, it ensures a smooth mouthfeel and prevents phase separation, while in yoghurt, it contributes to a creamy, stable texture without compromising taste. For premixes, FiberWorks® improves binding and water activity, resulting in consistent, high-quality products. Additionally, its ability to replace sugar makes it an ideal ingredient for health-conscious consumers, maintaining the desired sweetness and texture without added calories.

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