Low Sugar High Carbs Meal Replacement & Energy Health Bars

MoistPlus® Syrup

MoistPlus® syrup is Nexus Ingredient’s solution for applications in meal replacement systems, energy bars where available carbs are required to release slowly into the bloodstream, whilst low in sugar. MoistPlus contains no fructose and no fibre.

 MoistPlus® also offers unbeatable binding performance, natural humectant performance, improves flavour profiles, coating, maintains moistness and eating quality.

MoistPlus® was created to meet new consumer health trends head-on with a clean label profile allowing for easy labelling. 

MoistPlus® syrup is a 100% natural, gluten free, dairy free, plant based, allergen free syrup, fructose free, grain free syrup produced from cassava root.

MoistPlus® syrup offers superior flavour, the ability to reduce sugar and other additives, impressive humectancy performance, water activity control, moisture control, natural preservation, texture performance, shelf-life extension product freshness and integrity, increased yields, better machinability, flavour improvement and pronounced mouthfeel improvement.

MoistPlus® syrup will dramatically improve your product on all sensory levels and keeps your products tasting great and staying moist for longer, whilst allowing you to create a completely innovative and healthy products.

High Available Carbs with Sustained Energy Release

MoistPlus® Powder

MoistPlus® powder is a high-performance health powder, produced from natural cassava root starch and fibres.

MoistPlus® powder is both nutritive and functional, tailored for meal replacement, health and energy applications, for cold pressed applications, baked goods, bread, ice cream and snack bars. MoistPlus® powder is often used as a multifunctional product improver to overcome formulation difficulties in keto, health with energy, gluten free, low-sugar and plant-based applications.

MoistPlus® powder is produced from Cassava, Potato & Psyllium and is natural gluten free, non-gmo, allergen free and completely clean. MoistPlus® is completely soluble and suitable in both hot/cold applications.

MoistPlus® powder is a free flowing, off white and bland powder. MoistPlus® is an easy to use and has the ability to increase richness, overall product quality and nutrition.  

Why MoistPlus®?

In the fast-paced evolution of the food and beverage industry, MoistPlus® stands as a beacon of innovation, meticulously crafted to meet the nuanced demands of modern health-conscious consumers, particularly athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. Featuring a robust suite of functionalities, including low sugar content, high availability of carbohydrates for slow release, and remarkable solubility, MoistPlus® is engineered to elevate the nutritional and sensory quality of a vast array of products. It’s uniquely designed to provide sustained energy release, making it an ideal component for anyone from competitive athletes to those simply seeking enhanced energy throughout the day.

  1. Low Sugar Content: Specifically designed to be low in sugars, making it ideal for consumers monitoring their sugar intake.
  2. High in Available Carbohydrates: Provides a substantial source of readily available energy, crucial for sustained physical activity and recovery.
  3. Tailored for Athletes: Formulated to meet the high-energy demands of athletes and active individuals through optimized carbohydrate availability.
  4. Enhanced Solubility: Exceptionally soluble in both hot and cold mediums, ensuring seamless incorporation into a variety of athletic and energy-focused products.
  5. Functional in Various Textures: Adaptable to a range of product textures, from liquid meal replacements to solid energy bars, without compromising quality or performance.
  6. Stable in Diverse Temperatures: Maintains functionality and nutritional integrity across a broad temperature spectrum, suitable for both baked and cold-pressed applications.
  7. Natural Humectant: Acts as a moisture-retaining agent, crucial for maintaining the desirable moistness in energy bars and baked goods.
  8. Clean Label: Complies with the demand for natural, non-GMO, allergen-free, and clean label products among health-conscious consumers and athletes.
  9. Gluten-Free and Plant-Based: Suits dietary restrictions and preferences, including those of vegan athletes and individuals with gluten intolerance.
  10. Energy Optimization: Specifically engineered to facilitate the slow release of carbohydrates, optimizing energy levels over extended periods of physical activity

To summarize, the distinct functionalities of MoistPlus® signify a leap forward in food technology, uniquely addressing the contemporary demands for sustained energy and nutritional excellence. Its capacity to deliver slow-releasing, high-available carbohydrates, alongside maintaining flavor integrity and adhering to clean label standards, positions it as an indispensable ingredient in the modern food formulation. As dietary needs become increasingly diverse, MoistPlus® is poised to drive the future of the food and beverage industry towards more inclusive, nutritious, and satisfying options.

MoistPlus® is offering a wide range of benefits that align perfectly with today’s dietary trends. These benefits span from enhancing the nutritional value of foods with high-available carbs for sustained energy release to improving product appeal and manufacturing efficiency. Such innovations make MoistPlus® a key player in addressing the health and lifestyle needs of athletes and active individuals, as well as those looking for nutritious meal replacements.

  • Sustained Energy Release: Ideal for long-duration activities, supporting energy levels without the peaks and troughs associated with high-sugar alternatives.
  • Supports Athletic Performance: The high availability of carbohydrates aids in muscle recovery and energy replenishment, essential for athletes.
  • Low Glycemic Index: Helps in managing blood sugar levels, providing a steady energy source without causing spikes in blood sugar.
  • Versatile Use: Can be easily incorporated into a variety of products targeting athletic and energy needs.
  • Moistness and Texture Enhancement: Improves the eating quality of products, making them more enjoyable and satisfying.
  • Clean and Transparent Labeling: Meets consumer demand for transparency in ingredients, contributing to trust and loyalty.
  • Allergen-Free: Ensures inclusivity for consumers with dietary restrictions or allergies.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Natural preservation qualities help maintain freshness and nutritional value for longer.
  • Nutritional Optimization: Enhances products with essential nutrients, supporting overall health and wellness.
  • Innovative Product Development: Allows for the creation of unique products that stand out in the health and sports nutrition market.

In essence, the broad benefits MoistPlus® offers not only demonstrate its potential to transform the food industry but also underscore its role in harmonizing health, convenience, and taste. By facilitating the creation of products that deliver sustained energy release without sacrificing flavor or nutritional value, MoistPlus® leads the charge in ingredient science, empowering the development of foods that resonate with the preferences and priorities of today’s health-focused consumers.

MoistPlus® revolutionizes food and beverage development with its wide-ranging applications, from energy bars designed to support athletic endurance to gluten-free baked goods that don’t compromise on taste or texture. Its capacity to deliver high-available carbohydrates for slow and sustained energy release makes it exceptionally versatile, catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences, including those of athletes, active individuals, and anyone in need of a nutritious meal replacement.

  1. Meal Replacement Shakes: Designed for athletes and active individuals seeking nutritious, easy-to-consume options.
  2. Energy Bars: Perfect for on-the-go energy, tailored to provide sustained fuel for training and competitions.
  3. Performance Beverages: Incorporates easily into pre-workout and recovery drinks for enhanced energy and endurance.
  4. Sports Gels: Can be used to create energy gels that offer quick, digestible energy for endurance sports.
  5. Athletic Supplements: Ideal as a carbohydrate source in powdered supplements for pre-workout mixes and recovery formulas.
  6. Baked Goods for Athletes: Enhances bread, muffins, and other baked goods with energy-optimizing carbohydrates without added sugars.
  7. Vegan Athletic Nutrition: Supports the development of plant-based energy and recovery products for vegan athletes.
  8. Gluten-Free Sports Nutrition: Enables the creation of gluten-free energy products, expanding the market for athletes with gluten sensitivities.
  9. Cold-Pressed Energy Snacks: Utilized in cold-pressed snack bars and bites for a wholesome, energy-rich snack option.
  10. Nutritional Snacks: Can be integrated into snacks that cater to the nutritional needs of children and adults alike, providing a healthy, energy-boosting alternative to traditional snacks.

Reflecting on the extensive applications of MoistPlus®, it’s clear that this ingredient is foundational to the next wave of food innovation, tailored to meet the sophisticated dietary trends of a global audience. Through its commitment to health and adaptability, MoistPlus® sets the stage for a new generation of food products that balance taste, nutritional value, and consumer satisfaction, promising a healthier, more energized future for consumers everywhere.

Low Sugar High Energy

MoistPlus® offers brands an edge for health-focused, active consumers with its high-carb, low-sugar formula, ensuring slow, sustained energy, ideal for enhancing endurance and physical performance without sugar downsides.

Clean Label Nutrient-Rich

MoistPlus® is nutrient-rich, boasting a clean, non-GMO, gluten-free, and allergen-free composition. It enriches food products with essential nutrients, catering to those seeking nutritious yet flavorful options.

Versatile, cost-effective

MoistPlus®’s solubility and temperature stability enrich energy drinks, bars, gels, and meal replacements, enhancing efficiency and appeal, driving innovation in energy-focused products, and optimizing production cost-effectiveness.

MoistPlus® is


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MoistPlus® Syrup and Powder are transformative ingredients designed to meet the growing demand for health-focused, energizing food products. Created from the natural goodness of cassava root, It is tailored for crafting the next generation of energy bars, drinks, gels, and meal replacements, each designed to provide the sustained energy essential for an active lifestyle. Free from gluten, GMOs, and allergens, and boasting a low-sugar, high-carbohydrate formula, MoistPlus® integrates seamlessly into hot and cold applications, enhancing product appeal across the health and wellness spectrum.

In the bustling world of energy-centric nutrition, MoistPlus® stands out by ensuring that every sip of an energy drink, bite of a bar, or spoonful of a meal replacement is not only a source of immediate vitality but also supports prolonged energy release throughout the day. This makes it an invaluable asset for individuals seeking a nutritious boost to their daily energy levels without the crash associated with high-sugar alternatives.

The versatility of MoistPlus® enables manufacturers to innovate within existing product lines or explore new market segments, overcoming common formulation challenges found in keto, gluten-free, and plant-based offerings. The syrup variant, in particular, enhances moisture retention, improves flavor profiles, and extends the shelf life of products, ensuring that they remain delicious and satisfying for longer.

Packing Options

Product Name Pack Sizes
MoistPlus® Syrup 20kg Pail, 1,400kg IBC
MoistPlus® Powder IC1000 - Ice Cream/Snack Bars Applications 20kg bag, 800kg Pallet
MoistPlus® Powder BB1000 - Bakery/Bread Application 20kg bag, 800kg Pallet
MoistPlus® Powder SG1000 - Smallgoods Applications 20kg bag, 800kg Pallet
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