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Nexus Ingredient’s suite of products, including CapMoist, CapMoist Sugar Free, MillMalt, MoistPlus, and CapBlock, synergistically enhance the production of cereals and granolas for food manufacturers. Together, these ingredients allow manufacturers to produce cereals and granolas that are not only delicious and long-lasting but also align with clean label standards, meeting consumer demands for natural, healthy food products.

Natural Humectant/Binder


CapMoist®'s Role in Cereals & Granola


Nexus Ingredient's CapMoist® plays a crucial role in the production of cereals and granolas, ensuring these products retain optimal freshness and texture. As a natural humectant, CapMoist® effectively manages the moisture content in cereal and granola products, which is essential for maintaining their crispness and preventing staleness over time. By binding to water molecules, CapMoist® helps to extend the shelf life of these food items while preserving their natural flavor and quality. This makes it an invaluable ingredient for food manufacturers aiming to meet consumer demands for products that are both long-lasting and free from artificial preservatives, aligning with the growing preference for clean label goods.

Binder/Humectant/Sugar Replacer


CapMoist® Sugar Free's Role in Cereals & Granola


CapMoist® Sugar Free, derived exclusively from natural cassava roots, enables the production of reduced-sugar ice cream without compromising on the creamy texture that consumers love. This non-sweet component serves as an effective substitute for traditional syrups and sugars, offering binding and moisture-retaining properties while ensuring a smooth texture and resistance to thermal variations. By substituting 30%, 50%, or even 100% of sugar with CapMoist® Sugar Free, manufacturers can maintain the freezing point of the ice cream, ensuring it remains creamy even at sub-zero temperatures. Additionally, its labeling as tapioca (cassava) enhances its appeal to consumers seeking clean-label ice cream.

Gluten Free Rich Malt Syrup


MillMalt®'s Role in Cereals & Granola


Nexus Ingredient's MillMalt® serves as an innovative ingredient for food manufacturers who strive to produce high-quality cereals and granolas with a gluten-free certification. This unique malt extract, crafted from gluten-free sources, enhances the flavor profile of cereals and granolas by imparting a rich, malty sweetness that appeals to health-conscious consumers looking for tasteful alternatives. Additionally, MillMalt® contributes to the texture and color of the products, ensuring that they have a visually appealing golden brown hue and a satisfying crunch. By integrating MillMalt® into their cereal and granola formulations, manufacturers can not only cater to the gluten-sensitive market but also differentiate their products with a natural, flavorful ingredient that supports clean label standards.

Natural Humectant/Binder


MoistPlus®'s Role in Cereals & Granola


Nexus Ingredient's MoistPlus® stands out as an innovative ingredient for cereal and granola manufacturers seeking to enhance product quality while adhering to clean label standards. This 100% natural syrup, excels in its role as a humectant and binder, which helps in maintaining the moisture content of cereals and granolas, ensuring they remain fresh and enjoyable for longer. The low-sugar, low-carb profile of MoistPlus® makes it an excellent choice for health-conscious consumers, while its ability to improve texture without altering flavor profiles appeals to those looking for tasty yet nutritious breakfast options. By integrating MoistPlus® into their recipes, manufacturers can achieve a balance of health, taste, and longevity in their products, making them stand out in the competitive market of health-oriented foods. ingredient-conscious food products.
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Anti-Microbial, Anti-Mold
Natural Preservative


CapBlock®'s Role in Cereals & Granola


Nexus Ingredient's CapBlock® revolutionizes the production of cereals and granolas by offering a natural preservative solution that leverages its antimicrobial and anti-mold properties. As a 100% clean label mould and bacteria blocker, CapBlock® effectively replaces synthetic preservatives, enhancing the safety and extending the shelf life of cereal and granola products. Its potent anti-microbial action prevents the growth of molds, bacteria, and some yeasts, ensuring products remain fresh, safe, and appealing for longer. This not only meets consumer demands for natural food options but also assists manufacturers in maintaining product integrity throughout distribution and storage. By incorporating CapBlock®, food manufacturers can promise a healthier, cleaner label without compromising on taste or quality, making their cereals and granolas preferable choices for health-conscious consumers.

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