CapMoist® serves as a natural humectant, ensuring optimal moisture retention and texture. CapBlock® acts as a clean label antimicrobial agent, extending shelf life without synthetic preservatives. MillMalt® offers a gluten-free malt extract, adding depth of flavor. MoistPlus® provides slow-releasing carbohydrates, perfect for low-sugar recipes. FiberWorks® improves texture and water activity while boosting fiber content, and MetaSweet® offers a prebiotic sweetener that reduces sugar while maintaining taste and texture, making confections healthier and more appealing.

Natural Humectant/Binder


CapMoist®'s Role in Confectionery

CapMoist® Syrup and Powder are transformative for creating perfect confectionery. As a natural humectant, CapMoist® maintains moisture, ensuring confections remain soft and chewy over time. It achieves this by controlling water activity, which not only enhances texture but also extends shelf life by preventing microbial growth [4]. The syrup and powder forms offer versatile applications, allowing for precise moisture management in various confectionery products. Additionally, CapMoist® enhances flavor retention, ensuring that sweets remain delicious throughout their shelf life [6]. This combination of moisture control, microbial inhibition, and flavor enhancement makes CapMoist® indispensable for food manufacturers aiming to produce high-quality, long-lasting confectionery products.


CapBlock Logo

Anti-Microbial, Anti-Mold
Natural Preservative

CapBlock®'s Role in Confectionery

CapBlock® range is a great solution for confectionery manufacturers seeking to enhance product safety and longevity without compromising on quality. CapBlock® functions as a clean label mold and bacteria inhibitor, effectively replacing synthetic preservatives with a natural alternative. Its potent antimicrobial properties prevent microbial growth, which is crucial in maintaining the freshness and texture of confectionery products. By controlling mold and bacteria, CapBlock® ensures that sweets retain their desired consistency and appearance over extended shelf lives. This not only improves the safety and quality of the final product but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for natural and clean label ingredients. Overall, CapBlock® offers confectionery manufacturers a reliable, natural solution for producing high-quality, long-lasting treats.

Gluten Free Rich Malt Syrup

MillMalt®'s Role in Confectionery

MillMalt® plays a pivotal role in confectionery manufacturing by providing a gluten-free malt extract syrup that effectively replaces traditional wheat malts like barley. This ingredient is designed to enhance flavor, texture, and color in confectionery products. MillMalt® offers a rich, malty taste that can elevate the sensory profile of sweets, making them more appealing to consumers. Its high solubility ensures consistent mixing and distribution within confectionery mixtures, resulting in uniform product quality. Additionally, MillMalt® contributes to the Maillard reaction during cooking, promoting a desirable browning effect that enhances the visual appeal of the final product. By leveraging the natural benefits of gluten-free malt extract, MillMalt® enables confectionery manufacturers to create high-quality, flavorful, and visually appealing products that meet the growing consumer demand for gluten-free options.

Sugar/Sweetener Reducer


MoistPlus®'s Role in Confectionery

MoistPlus® offers high-available carbs that release slowly into the bloodstream while being low in sugar. This natural humectant and improver provides superior moisture control, water activity management, and moisture migration reduction. MoistPlus® ensures confectionery products maintain their ideal texture and extended shelf life, all without fructose and fiber. Its unique properties make it a perfect choice for manufacturers aiming to create high-quality, nutritious, and long-lasting confectionery items.

Resistant Dextrin Soluble Fiber


FiberWorks®'s Role in Confectionery

FiberWorks® is a amazing ingredient for confectionery manufacturers, providing multiple functional benefits essential for creating high-quality products. FiberWorks® is a versatile and cost-effective soluble dietary fiber, known for its superior binding, texture enhancement, and water activity control. By incorporating FiberWorks® into confectionery formulations, manufacturers can reduce sugar content while maintaining desirable sweetness and mouthfeel. The high water-binding capacity of FiberWorks® ensures that the confectionery remains moist and fresh, improving shelf life and overall product stability. Additionally, the use of this ingredient aligns with the growing consumer demand for healthier, fiber-enriched products without compromising taste and texture. FiberWorks® enhances the nutritional profile of the confectionery.

MetaSweet Logo Blue

Natural Sweetener/Prebiotic Fiber

MetaSweet®'s Role in Confectionery

MetaSweet® is great for confectionery manufacturers, offering a versatile and health-promoting solution for modern product development. As a prebiotic syrup, MetaSweet® provides exceptional sweetness. Its unique composition, It ensures a smooth and consistent texture, making it ideal for a wide range of confectionery applications. MetaSweet® is particularly valuable in reducing sugar content without compromising taste, thereby aligning with consumer demands for healthier indulgences. Moreover, its functional benefits extend to improving moisture retention and extending shelf life, ensuring that the final product remains fresh and appealing over time. This innovative ingredient enables manufacturers to meet the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers while maintaining the delicious taste and texture that define high-quality confections .

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