Humectant Keeps Food Fresher

With complex supply chains and a new era of consumption behavior, it has never been so important to ensure your product remains fresher and intact for longer.

There is nothing more disappointing than having a beautifully crafted product, that is perfect on production, yet during its shelf life it turns hard, crumbles or falls apart easily on the shelf. Shelf-life integrity is important for so many other sensory elements as well, such as color and flavor. A product should not lose its color or flavor during its shelf life. The aim is to have your product perfect on consumption, so your customer will keep coming back over and over again.

In the past this was quite easily achieved, because it was common practice for formulators to use food additives and preservatives. However, the old ways of synthetic and chemically derived ingredients have really received unprecedented backlash from consumers and now more and more major retail chains are refusing to stock products that contain certain food additives and preservatives.

Capmoist is a 100% all natural, gluten free, Non-GMO humectant, a solution that allows the technologists to remove food additives and preservatives to their product formulas. CAPMOIST is a high performing natural ingredient that can match and outperform other ingredients. CAPMOIST syrup is 100% natural and is made from a unique blend of natural grain dextrins and grape juice. CAPMOIST powder is made from 100% natural brown rice dextrin, grape juice & carrot fiber.

The beauty about Capmoist is it’s a multifunctional ingredient. CAPMOIST really is the angel ingredient that can overcome many challenges in product development.


So why is CAPMOIST so good?

Capmoist is used as a natural humectant, shelf-life improver, anti-microbial agent, a binder, flavor improver, natural colorant, increases machineability and yields. Moreover, is highly effective in gluten free applications, significantly improving shelf life and the eating quality.

Capmoist syrup is mostly used in all baked goods, protein balls, protein bars, health snack bars and gluten free applications. Whereas, CAPMOIST powder is more suited to flat breads, smallgoods, confectionary and so on…..

Capmoist, an 80 brix syrup, has superior performance to control moisture migration in a wide range of food products. The management of moisture control improves the overall food item’s texture, body, mouth feel and overall improved eating quality. This slows the rate of microbial growth reactions in the food matrix, resulting in extending the shelf life of many food products by threefold, ensuring the product’s quality is maintained through the supply chain. Retaining moisture and freshness is key to a sustainable food brands product strategy.

Capmoist powder is very effective in controlling moisture, surface water and increases machinability in bread doughs, which results in less sticking on equipment. With a higher fiber content yields are also increased and the ability to hold in more moisture is improved which allows the formulators to create moister bread products.

Gluten free products such as baked goods often result in harder, dryer and crumbly results, however Capmoist solves these issues and more!

Capmoist syrup is often used in brownies, cookies, muesli bars, doughnuts, cakes, pastries, granola, muesli, muffins, protein bars and balls and general health snacks. It also allows you to remove sorbitol, glycerin and other additives from your ingredient list.

Capmoist powder is similar to the syrup version, however due to its increased water binding nature, it is very successful in flat breads, pita bread, tortillas, pizza, smallgoods and confectionary. It allows you to have the perfect balance of moisture…not too dry and not too wet or taky. It also allows you to remove gums, nitrates, preservatives, additives and emulsifiers in your end products.



 There is no wonder why formulators love using Capmoist and continue to use it more and more in their products. It is that magic ingredient that overcomes the challenges they face when relying on 100% natural ingredients and gluten free requirements. CAPMOIST will also decrease rejects, staling, wastage, whilst increasing general processing efficiencies. CAPMOIST is certified Halal and Kosher, and it also adheres to global food safety standards.

 With all the amazing benefits that Capmoist has to offer, there is no wonder why so many food companies are already making it a regular part of their manufacturing, research and development activities.

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