The Secret Ingredient

Foods stay fresher for longer, have perfect textures, moistness.
It is a naturally binding & microbial agent, controlling water activity and increasing shelf life.

Powerful Natural Humectant

CapMoist® Syrup & Powder

CapMoist® is a highly innovative and multifunctional clean label humectant syrup.

CapMoist® is 100% natural, gluten free, allergen free syrup, produced from a unique ratio of grape juice concentrate & rice dextrin.

CapMoist® syrup offers unprecedented humectancy performance, water activity control, moisture control, natural preservation, texture performance, shelf-life extension product freshness and integrity, increased yields, better machinability, flavour improvement, natural colourant and pronounced mouthfeel improvement.

CapMoist® will dramatically improve your product on all sensory levels and keeps your products fresher and moist for longer.

CapMoist® is the secret natural ingredient you wish you knew about years ago. This is our guarantee. 

Other ingredients such as glycerine, sorbitol, sugar alcohols and so on can not offer such high levels of humectancy. 

On top of all that, CapMoist® is 100% natural, totally clean label, allowing formulators to create completely a consumer friendly label.

CapMoist® has you covered on superior moisture control, microbial growth, texture & flavour enhancement.

CapMoist® allows you to remove sorbitol, glycerine and other additives.

CapMoist® is the most powerful natural Humectant & Texture Improver.


CapMoist® reduces cost of stale products by as much as 80%.

Improve Texture/Flavour

CapMoist® controls water activity, naturally preserves, increases moisture, enables softer textures and richer flavours. 

Shelf Life

CapMoist® has been proven to increase shelf-life 3 fold.

CapMoist® is


Top 10


CapMoist® has been proven to increase shelf-life as much as three times and reducing cost of stale products by as much as 80%. 

CapMoist® is 100% clean label and allows you to list this ingredient as “Grape juice, Rice syrup”. It is made from a special process & ratio which has resulted in both naturally increasing shelf life and is a powerful natural humectant. 

Widely used in the food industry, CapMoist® works in a unique way, both achieving several elements such as water activity control, naturally preserves, increases moisture, enables softer textures, richer flavours & better machineability. 

CapMoist® is a well proven ingredient for bars, cookies, gluten free baked goods, smallgoods, breads, frozen foods, snacks & confectionary.

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, CapMoist® is a natural clean label humectant and a highly effective ingredient to achieve a variety of functionalities in a product in low dosage.

CapMoist® is used by food manufacturers worldwide to increase the freshness and texture control of the product, increase shelf life, improve moistness, creaminess, mouthfeel, bind ability, water migration & water activity control, improve flavour and machineability. The list goes on. CapMoist® also helps to increase the product yield. CapMoist® syrup is widely used in all baking applications, including protein balls and bars. Some food manufacturers also use CapMoist® in the fillings for better mouthfeel, flavour enhancement and shelf life extension. CapMoist® allows you to remove sorbitol, glycerine and other additives.

CapMoist® has only two natural ingredients.

CapMoist® allows for consumer-friendly labelling: 1) grape juice, brown rice syrup; or 2) grape juice, grain dextrin; or 3) grape juice, rice dextrin.

Some food manufacturers are using a standard vegetable glycerin to act as a humectant. From a technical perspective, although glycerine is used as an humectant, its overall performance is poor. It doesn’t solve the issues at hand and certainly is not a multifunctional ingredient. The consumers also do not like glycerine listed in the ingredient list.


CapMoist® is a clean label high performing humectant and texture improver. It is highly successful in nutrition bars, achieving and maintaining the texture you desire.


CapMoist® dramatically outperforms glycerine in humectancy performance, and also CapMoist® works on the water activity and migration over the entire shelf life of the product, plus it is a natural preserving agent. CapMoist® also improves flavour, freshness, eating quality, machineability and so on.


When you use CapMoist® syrup in your product, you will notice a significant difference on the end quality.


CapMoist® is available in syrup and powder. CapMoist powder is widely used in smallgoods, flat breads, and drinks.


CapMoist®syrup is available in various sugar levels including low sugar and CapMois® also has a special formulated grade to provide slow carb release which is perfect for sustained energy and workouts, ideal for energy gels.

CapMoist® is used approximately at 3-5% of your formula.

CapMoist® has 18 month shelf life at ambient temperature.

Many brands use our ingredients to achieve higher health ratings and to achieve the brand claims, whilst driving functionally and quality.

If you are aiming to create a type of keto/diet/health bar,  we recommend the following -

  • For your bar's bulk/body, Fiberworks® or MetaSweet®, commonly used from 10% to 30% of the bar.
  • Now moving onto further improving on the functionality and eating quality of the bar, CapMoist® is really a stellar multi-functional product in your application. You would use approx. 2-5% approximately.
  • Another amazing product is FlaxSmooth® powder, it contains zero sugar and the dosage is approx. 0.4%.
Product Name Pack Sizes
CapMoist® Syrup 20kg Pail, 1,400kg IBC
CapMoist® Powder 25kg Bag
CapMoist® Sugar Free Syrup 20kg Pail, 1,400kg IBC
CapMoist® Sugar Free Powder 25kg Bag
CapMoist® Low Sugar Syrup 20kg Pail, 1,400kg IBC
CapMoist® Low Sugar Powder 25kg Bag
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