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Nexus Ingredient’s functional ingredients enhance the quality of small goods in processed meats. CapMoist® Powder retains moisture, extends shelf life, and improves texture with anti-microbial properties. CapBlock® inhibits mold and bacteria, replacing artificial preservatives. Unifier® acts as an emulsifier and stabilizer, ensuring even distribution of fat and moisture. FlaxSmooth® as a natural thickening and stabilizing agent; it exhibits excellent water binding capacity, possesses emulsifying properties, and can effectively stabilize water-in-oil emulsions.. FiberWorks® replaces sugar, offering superior binding and texture, keeping products moist and tender. These ingredients work together to create high-quality, nutritious, and safe small goods for processed meats manufacturers.

Natural Humectant/Binder


CapMoist®'s Role in Small Goods

CapMoist® Powder enables the production of processed meats by enhancing moisture retention, extending shelf life, and improving texture. As a natural humectant, CapMoist® Powder effectively binds water within the meat matrix, preventing dryness and maintaining juiciness throughout the product's shelf life. Its anti-microbial properties inhibit microbial growth, ensuring food safety and extending freshness. Additionally, CapMoist® enhances the flavor profile by evenly distributing moisture and seasonings, resulting in a consistently succulent and flavorful product. By integrating CapMoist® Powder, processed meat manufacturers can achieve superior product quality, meeting consumer demand for moist, flavorful, and safe small goods.


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Anti-Microbial, Anti-Mold
Natural Preservative


CapBlock®'s Role in Small Goods

CapBlock® range significantly enhances the quality and safety of small goods through its potent antimicrobial properties. CapBlock® functions as a clean label mould and bacteria inhibitor, replacing synthetic preservatives with a natural alternative. This range  works by targeting and inhibiting the growth of spoilage organisms and pathogens, thus extending the shelf life and maintaining the freshness of the products. Its broad-spectrum activity ensures that a variety of microbial threats are effectively managed. Additionally, CapBlock® contributes to maintaining the sensory qualities of the meat, ensuring that texture, flavor, and overall product integrity are preserved. By integrating CapBlock® into their formulations, processed meat manufacturers can achieve high-quality, safe, and clean label products that meet consumer demand for natural ingredients.

Multi-functional Flaxseed Fibre as a Natural Stabilizer

FlaxSmooth®'s Role in Small Goods
FlaxSmooth® is  valuable for processed meats manufacturers aiming to create perfect small goods.  FlaxSmooth® leverages the natural properties of flaxseed-derived soluble fiber. This ingredient acts as a natural stabilizer and binding agent, improving the texture and structural integrity of processed meats. Its high water-holding capacity ensures that products remain moist and tender, enhancing the mouthfeel and overall consumer experience. Furthermore, FlaxSmooth® promotes gut health and supports digestion, which adds a significant nutritional benefit to the end product. Its inclusion helps maintain the desired quality and consistency while meeting the growing consumer demand for healthier, clean-label ingredients.

Vegetable Fibre As Natural Emulsifier/Stablizer/Thickener


Unifier®'s Role in Small Goods

Unifier® range is pivotal in creating perfect small goods for processed meats manufacturers. Unifier® range acts as an exceptional emulsifier and stabilizer, ensuring that fat and water are evenly distributed throughout the meat mixture. This uniform dispersion prevents the separation of components, which is critical for maintaining product consistency and texture. The emulsification properties enhance the mouthfeel and juiciness of small goods, while the stabilizing function improves shelf life by preventing moisture loss and microbial growth. By providing a clean-label solution, Unifier® not only meets consumer demand for natural ingredients but also optimizes production efficiency, ensuring high-quality, safe, and appealing meat products.

Resistant Dextrin Soluble Fiber


FiberWorks®'s Role in Small Goods

FiberWorks® plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of small goods for processed meats manufacturers.  FiberWorks® resistant dextrin acts as a superior binding agent, improving the texture and structural integrity of meat products. Its high water-binding capacity ensures that the meats remain moist and tender throughout processing and storage. Additionally, FiberWorks® aids in reducing water activity, which is vital for inhibiting microbial growth and extending shelf life. By replacing sugars and other binders, adding dietary fibre, it not only contributes to a healthier nutritional profile but also enhances the sensory attributes of the final product, making it an indispensable ingredient in the production of premium processed meats.

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