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Nexus Ingredient’s CapMoist® Powder, CapBlock®, and Unifier® work together to create high-quality gluten-free flatbreads and breads. CapMoist® retains moisture and improves texture, preventing dryness. CapBlock® provides antimicrobial and anti-mold protection, ensuring safety and extending shelf life. Unifier® enhances the dough’s structural integrity, leading to better gas retention and a uniform crumb structure, essential for gluten-free baking.

Natural Humectant/
Binder Powder


CapMoist®'s Role in Gluten Free Flat Breads/Breads

CapMoist® Powder significantly enhances the quality of gluten-free flatbreads and breads. CapMoist® Powder acts as a natural humectant, effectively retaining moisture throughout the baking process, which is crucial for gluten-free products that tend to dry out. Its moisture-retention properties help to maintain a soft, pliable texture in flatbreads, preventing them from becoming brittle. Additionally, CapMoist® improves the overall mouthfeel and extends the shelf life of gluten-free baked goods by reducing staling. This ingredient allows food manufacturers to create gluten-free flatbreads and breads that are not only structurally sound but also appealing in taste and texture, meeting consumer demand for high-quality gluten-free options .


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Anti-Microbial, Anti-Mold
Natural Preservative


CapBlock® Range's Role in Gluten Free Baked Goods

CapBlock® range plays a crucial role in creating perfect gluten-free flatbreads and breads by acting as a natural preservative. CapBlock® Powder offers potent antimicrobial properties that effectively inhibit mold and bacterial growth, which is especially important in gluten-free products that often lack the preservative qualities provided by gluten. By integrating CapBlock® range into gluten-free formulations, manufacturers can enhance the shelf life and safety of their products without resorting to artificial preservatives. Additionally, CapBlock® range helps maintain the freshness and quality of gluten-free breads, ensuring that they remain moist and free from spoilage, thus meeting consumer demand for clean-label and high-quality gluten-free baked goods.

Vegetable Fibre As Natural Emulsifier/Stablizer/Thickener


Unifier®'s Role in Gluten Free Flat Breads/Breads

Unifier® Range significantly enhances the production of perfect gluten-free flatbreads and breads by acting as a natural emulsifier and stabilizer. Gluten-free baking often faces challenges related to texture and structural integrity due to the absence of gluten, which provides elasticity and cohesiveness. Unifier® addresses these issues by improving the water retention and binding properties of gluten-free dough, leading to a more consistent and elastic texture. It also enhances the dough's stability during mixing and baking, preventing the bread from becoming crumbly or dry. By incorporating Unifier® into gluten-free formulations, manufacturers can achieve a desirable mouthfeel, improved shelf life, and enhanced sensory attributes in their products, meeting the growing consumer demand for high-quality gluten-free baked goods.

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