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Nexus Ingredient stands at the forefront of the specialized functional ingredient market, renowned for our unparalleled reputation in innovation and specialization. 


Nexus Ingredient is a specialist in functional ingredients, with an unwavering dedication to the art of crafting highly functional, proprietary blends. Our goal is to empower food manufacturers with the means to extend the shelf life of their products, enhance their quality, texture, and eliminate synthetic additives that may detract from their appeal. 

Driven by our passion for natural ingredients, we are constantly exploring new horizons, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and processes to push the limits of raw materials, to create innovative, allergen-free, and clean label ingredients that set new standards in the industry. Our relentless commitment to quality and innovation has earned us a prominent place in the world of natural, clean label ingredients.

Nexus Ingredient stands at the forefront of the specialized functional ingredient market, renowned for our unparalleled reputation in innovation and specialization. We are dedicated to perfecting five categories of functional ingredients, including humectants, binders, natural preservatives, fibers, and natural emulsifiers/stabilizers. This laser-focused approach empowers us to maintain an unparalleled level of quality, performance, and nutrition, giving us an indisputable edge in the industry. When it comes to specialized functional ingredients, Nexus Ingredient is simply in a league of its own.

The values we live by


We are constantly pushing the boundaries of natural ingredients, technologies, and processes to create innovative, functional, and clean label solutions that meet the evolving needs of the food industry.

Customer Focus

We are dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of our customers, providing them with tailored solutions that add value and help them succeed in their markets.


We value building strong, enduring relationships with our customers, suppliers, and partners, based on trust, transparency, and shared values.


We believe in promoting sustainability by using natural, renewable, and eco-friendly resources, reducing waste, and minimizing our environmental impact.

Our Customers

Renowned brands and companies across the globe in the food, beverage, nutraceutical, and pet food industries are among our esteemed customers. They count on us to help them stay ahead of market trends, elevate the quality of their existing products, and craft new ones with ease. Whatever your needs may be – from sourcing clean label ingredients to providing formulation support, natural binding and texture improvement, shelf-life extension, flavor enhancement, sugar reduction or removal, water activity control, and mouthfeel optimization. We take pride in going above and beyond to help you achieve our customers’ goals.

Our Vision

To make a positive impact on the world, by promoting healthier, more sustainable food systems that enhance the well-being of people and the planet.

Our Mission

To empower food manufacturers to create exceptional products that delight their customers. We achieve this by specializing in highly functional, proprietary formulated ingredients that extend shelf life, enhance product quality and texture, and eliminate synthetic additives.

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